How I started Youtube and The Bulletproof Life Journey

At the beginning of the lockdown in 2020, I spent some time thinking about how much value I was sharing with my wider community. I wanted to give more of myself to the world. This led to how I started my Youtube channel as a way to share The Bulletproof Life philosophy with the world.

Today makes it exactly one year since I started sharing The Bulletproof Life with the world. So hurray and Happy birthday to THE BULLETPROOF LIFE.

The past year has been a rollercoaster of experiences, and I would like to share with you how I started Youtube, why I became a YouTuber and the journey so far.


I believe strongly that regular people like you and me can build financial wealth and become the millionaire next door; if we have the appropriate information and support to do. I want to share this belief with you, with everyone like me who has struggled to build financial wealth. 

One thing I’ve learnt over the years as a finance expert and a frugal minimalist is that many people lack the right information and support to make the right financial decisions. This is a big part of why they have not been able to grow wealth. 

Once I knew the why and the what- which is that I wanted to share my belief with the world-, then I thought of the ‘how”.   


How do I make sure regular people like me can get the correct information to create wealth? 

I decided to start with Youtube, so I sat in my office chair at home that day (22nd of April 2020), placed my phone on my ironing board and recorded my first video titled “Getting the Financial Help you Need

The quality of that video wasn’t great, but I had a great community who supported me by watching the video and are still supporting me by watching my videos. That first video has gathered over a thousand views so far. I then created an Instagram account and a Facebook page so I could further share my Bulletproof philosophy.


I have shared at least one video per week and some weeks I share two videos since I started my Youtube channel. So how did I keep up despite working a full-time job, raising two kids, running a home and being a wife?

  1. Determination: I was determined to do it, I was intent on doing it and I went and did it. I did not second guess myself – don’t second guess yourself. Be determined in achieving your goals.
  2. Set goals: I set goals for how many videos I wanted to put out per week, then I built a timetable around it and stuck with it. Goals are important, set them, put them somewhere visible and work towards them. 
  3.  Consistency. I was intent on being consistent with the Bulletproof Life. So, I stuck to my goals and timetable irrespective of how I was feeling. There were days when I felt too tired, or too busy to do it but I always made sure I showed up. Be consistent in everything you do. Perfect the art of showing up.
  4. Prioritizing. I prioritized my videos. Every Friday before Monday I have to upload a video. So, I make sure I find time to sit down and create a video. 
  5. Listening. I listen to my viewers and clients. When I am asked to talk about a topic or make a video on a financial issue, I try my best to do so. This is because I believe that having the right information and support make financial decisions and wealth building easier.
  6. Take feedback on board. I believe there’s no bad feedback, so whichever feedback I get from my videos is an avenue for improvement. So, for business owners and professionals, even when the feedback doesn’t sit well with you, make sure to sit back and take it on board.
  7. Research. I constantly read up to date information and news that people may need to know. I read a lot and watch what other YouTubers are doing.
  8. Lastly, I drink water, take my vitamins, mind my business and trust God.

As of today, I have made about 90 videos, 80k views, 300 hours of viewership. This is just the starting point because I know The Bulletproof Life is a work in progress.

Don’t forget to check us out on Youtube.

Stay Bulletproof

Ronke O.

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I am a Chartered Accountant (ACMA, CGMA) and seasoned Management Consultant with about 16 years of experience driving the delivery of strategic solutions to complex problems of global firms. Through my blog, youtube channel, social media, tailored courses and downloadable material, I share information, resources and tips to help you manage your money better, grow your business, progress in your career, thrive in difficult times and create a life that is safe from failure, while being the best version of yourself. You will also find here links to my youtube videos where I share more nuggets to help you achieve and live your dream life. I am based in London, United Kingdom and always happy to connect with you via email (, social media or my contact page here.

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