How to Look Rich on a Budget

Have you always struggled to look good and put nice outfits together? Don’t worry. I’ve got you convered in this co. This post is for you. Contrary to common belief, you can look rich on a budget without having to break the bank.

Today I am here to show you how to look rich without breaking the bank.
I have 10 tips/hacks to share with you, so I will dive right into it.


Your shoes and bags give you away anytime. If you dress nice, but your shoes and bags are not nice, they bring down your dressing. If you wear something simple with a good quality bag and shoes, they elevate your outfit.

You don’t have to go into debt buying designer gear to own high-quality shoes and bags. Planning and budgeting for your purchases helps you to save up enough to buy your leather boots, leather bags and leather shoes.

There are a lot of mid-range priced brands that sell quality shoes and bags that won’t bankrupt you but will have you looking good.
Also, my watchword when buying bags and shoes is ‘buy leather’.


I love the 3-colour rule, which says you shouldn’t wear more than 3 main colours at once. This rule is a guide I love to follow when choosing my outfits as it helps me achieve the pulled together, elegant, rich look.

If you have never heard of this rule or tried it before, try it now. Wear a maximum of 3 colors at a time, and that includes the color of your shoes and bag.


When winter arrives (and it’s around the corner already), our outfits get hidden under our winter coats. Nobody sees or cares what is under the jacket because your winter coat is all they see.

The jacket becomes your representative and brand to everyone who sees you, and that is why you should go for a well-made one.

You should always buy the best quality winter coat you can afford. A high-quality coat will make you look expensive and keep you warm because they tend to have an appreciable amount of wool in their fabrics.

It is also likely to be a classic design and keep you on-trend every year. It will also save you the cost and stress of buying a new winter jacket every year because a good quality coat will also be durable and last many winters.


Rumpled clothes have a way of making you look miserable, unhappy, uncared for, not self-loving – you will always look better in carefully ironed clothes. So take a minute to steam iron your clothes before you wear them.

You will look sleek and more expensive that way. You will look like a rich person who uses a laundry service, except that you are your own laundry service.

Also, keeping your shoes in shoe boxes, following care instructions when you wash your clothes, and storing them well will make your clothing, shoes and accessories last longer.


This means that you should make fewer purchases of the same things. A minimalist would purchase only two winter jackets instead of seven, thus allowing you to buy a more expensive coat of better quality.

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle will help you spend a little bit more on quality clothes, accessories, shoes, bags because you are not trying to buy a lot of everything.

So instead of going to the high street to spend 40 pounds each on four different leather boots, you can buy one quality leather boot of about 100 pounds. This quality boot will make you look more expensive. When trying to look rich, less is more applies.


Don’t wear all your jewellery at once. Layering many jewellery pieces doesn’t make you look expensive or rich. Wearing all your rings and bracelets at once doesn’t make you look rich either unless you are going for the eccentric rich grandma look.

This also ties back to what I said earlier, less is more. Accessorize and match your jewellery gently.


Take a minute to groom. This means having regular showers (preferably daily), clean nails, wearing deodorant, clean brushed hair and remembering to brush your teeth.

While all these look simple and you are thinking, “I always do these things, even if not all at the same time,” doing all of them is what makes you look rich – that means you can’t have well-brushed hair while wearing rumpled clothes.


Planning your outfit is a great way to help you look expensive. It allows you to follow the less is more rule and the 3-colour rule. You can easily lay your outfits out and decide if the look is suitable and which one needs steaming, replacing, repairing etc.

Planning your outfit also allows you to match your outfits to your day and to occasion. You don’t want to be wearing sandals on a rainy autumn day or heels when you plan to run a lot of errands.

You will end up looking dirty (in rain-splattered sandals) or stressed because you are carrying heavy shopping bags in heels that are hurting.

I often plan my outfits for a week or two in advance, but if you don’t want to plan your outfit a week in advance, you can plan it a day before or few days before you have to wear it.
Some people are great at pulling together good looking outfits just before going out. However, if you’re terrible at last-minute dressing, ensure you plan your outfits so you can look like the boss babe and top guy you are.


I am not a fan of expensive shoes that hurt your feet, neither am I a fan of uncomfortable clothes. This is because if your clothes are too tight, they are likely to be uncomfortable and affect how you walk and carry yourself.

The same goes for shoes, shoes that hurt will have you walking like a crab which is definitely not a rich look.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes and clothes will make you look funny and definitely not rich. So avoid uncomfortable clothes and shoes like you would avoid a covid infection.


There’s no way you will look rich in an undersized dress or oversized shoes. Except you are following the oversized jacket trend, an oversized and poorly fitted dress or shirt will make you look funny.

If you look in the mirror and what you see doesn’t look like you, then it is not your size. Your clothes need to fit you, like they are yours, and not that you fished them out of a Salvation army basket without trying them on.

Pulling at too tight clothes or adjusting too loose clothes will have you looking less “rich lady” and more “not sure what she’s doing”.

If you buy an outfit and realise it is too small or too large, return it. This is why you should try on your purchases without removing the tags so that you can return them.

If you have removed the price tag, don’t panic yet, you can still sell the clothes on a platform like Vinted.

So now you have 10 tips to help you look rich without sending your bank account into the red. Wave at me if you are out looking rich and you see me.

If you know other tips and hacks that make you look like a rich on a budget, please share in the comments so that others can learn.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to stay Bulletproof!

Ronke O.

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