How to Spend Less on Groceries

Hello beautiful people, welcome back to my blog. Here, I share information and tips to help you make the right choices and decisions with your money so that you can live that boss life that you desire. By reading my posts, you’re already taking a step in the right direction. Today I’m going to tell you how to spend less on groceries; I’m sharing all my tips and hacks because I love you guys.

For me, and I think many people, buying groceries is an essential purchase. However, the amount of money we spend on groceries is so much, it hurts. Sometimes I look at my grocery bills and ask myself, “who am I feeding? Who is eating all this food? When did I spend this amount of money?”.

And the questions go on and on while my wallet wails. I’m convinced I’m not the only one asking these questions, especially now that we are in somewhat difficult times as many people are still trying to find their footing following the covid19 pandemic.

People have lost jobs, a lot of companies have gone into administration and reducing grocery bills has become more important than ever. So, this topic is especially applicable now. We need to get on top of our grocery bills.

In this post, groceries include food, drinks, toiletries and cosmetics and the good stuff we buy and consume daily.

So here are the 10 powerful hacks that will help you bring your grocery bill down and put some money back in your pocket.
The first powerful hack is:

The Comprehensive Shopping List

Yes, you guessed right! The first thing you need to do is a comprehensive shopping list. This is not a list of all the things you need right now, but rather a list of all the food, drinks, cosmetics and toiletries you would usually need in a month. Everything!

Not just what you need or think you might need for a few days but all the groceries you would need for a month if, for example, you have just moved to a new city with just your wallet.

Write everything down in your comprehensive shopping list and make a duplicate copy to save away. This list might be challenging for you to write; you might need some pointers, something to kickstart your comprehensive list.

But that’s not a problem, I have included a comprehensive shopping list template in my budget and saving book and my daily planner for you.

Shop your house

Now that you have a comprehensive shopping list, the next thing you need to do is shop your house.
This means you will treat your house like a mini supermarket by going to your pantry, store, freezer and crossing out everything you have from your comprehensive list. Cross out the things you have that are likely to last for a month or two.

Trim your List

Once you have shopped your house, it’s time to move on to the third act which is trimming your shopping list. To trim your list, you’re going to cut out of the comprehensive shopping all the things that even though you don’t have them in your pantry and fridge, you don’t need them for the next two weeks or a month. Perhaps you don’t need them right now, the person that needs them is not around, or your kids are in college.
Then you cross them out!


The next thing you need to do before heading out of the store is to eat. I know you’re wondering why you need to eat before going to the store, especially if you’re not even hungry. I have found out that if I don’t eat and I go to the shop, I spend more. I have spent about £100 more than I would usually spend just because I was hungry.

A lot of people respond to hunger pangs by buying more food while shopping. When you’re hungry, you’re likely to shop more than you would usually. A good breakfast or a good lunch will get you ready for that shopping journey.

In addition to preventing you from responding to hunger pangs and spending more, eating gives you energy so that you can do a quick and efficient shop.

Set your Timer

After you’ve gotten your comprehensive list, shopped your house, trimmed your list, and eaten, the next thing is to be on your way to the shop. But hold on! One more thing before you start shopping- set your timer. I know this sounds weird. It’s easy to say “well, I’m just going to dash in and dash out, I don’t need a timer, I’ll be here for just 15 minutes”. That’s a lie! Lol.

Supermarkets and grocery stores are designed to keep you in, to make you shop longer. The temperature has been carefully controlled, the music is ambient, the shelves have been scientifically stacked for your viewing pleasure.

Once you’re in, it’s easy to just keep picking stuff from the shelves and you find yourself shopping and shopping. The longer you’re in, the more things you will buy. So set a timer and get going.

Buy Store Brands

A lot of us are brand snubs. We go to the shops and buy specific brands. We tell ourselves “Oh I only buy Heinz, I don’t buy this, I only buy that”. However, what I’ve found out is that the store brand which we are ignoring are good value for money.

Store brand products are usually cheaper and a lot of times are good quality too. But a lot of us don’t buy store brands because we doubt their quality.

I would like to suggest that you buy store brands more; don’t be a brand snub. Over time when you shop store brands, you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t. I love some store-brand cereals, bread, milk and even cleaning products. They are cheap and do the job. Shopping store brands will save you money.

Buy Multipurpose Products

A lot of us when we go to shops for cleaning products, we like to buy a different product for the bathroom sink, another product for the bathroom mirror, something else for the kitchen floor, another one for the kitchen wall etc. Then you end up with 8 bottles of cleaning products all doing the same job.

You are falling for product labelling tricks where companies simply put different labels on the same product to sell them to you twice!

Stop falling for this trick by buying multipurpose cleaners that will clean the whole bathroom; that way instead of getting 4 different bottles for the bathroom, you’re buying 1. The same applies to your kitchen cleaners.

Shop the Clearance Shelves

A lot of stores have something they call clearance shelves. These shelves store products close to their sell-by dates, or their due dates. So a lot of people avoid them because they think it’s crap and for people who are not doing so well.

But the trick to shopping the clearance shelves is to look for things you can cook on the same day. When I go to the clearance shelves, I check for anything that I can cook the same day. For instance, If I see a stir fry pack that’s going to expire in 24-48hours, I’m cooking stir fry that night.

Start shopping the clearance shelves now. However, please don’t stock-pile things from the clearance shelves because most of these products are close to their due date. Stock piling them is likely to result in money down the drain as they go bad.

Try Different Stores

Just the same way some of us are brand snubs, a lot of us are also store snubs. We only shop specific stores. We say things like “It’s Walmart or nothing, Oh I’m a Tesco girl, ShopRite all the way, I only go to this store, I don’t go to that store”.

No. Rubbish! Try out different stores, try out Ebeano, try out the Aldi store close to you, try out a store that you don’t normally shop at. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. Everything is not cheap at every store. Some stores carry cheaper wine while some carry cheaper vegetables.

So I always say shop in more than one store! Don’t restrict yourself to just one store every time you do your shopping.

Restrict How Frequently You Go Shopping

Shop infrequently. Don’t go to the store every day. Don’t pop by on your way back from work. It’s better to go once a week or once a month. I go once a month and do a heavy shop and that’s it for the month.

However, if you need to top up during the month, you go with a piece of paper that has the list or preferably; stick a piece of paper on the fridge and keep writing a list of the things that needs topping up. The list will help you while making your comprehensive list next month.

Now you have ten powerful tricks to help bring your grocery bills down. I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re going to use these powerful tricks I’ve shared with you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, kindly leave me a comment and share how your experience was like using these tips.

Until my next post,
Stay Bulletproof
Ronke O.

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