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Christmas Gift

Hello friends, welcome back to The Bulletproof Life Blog, I hope you are in the Christmas mood and getting ready for the holidays. Today, I will be sharing seven last-minute Christmas gifts you can gift someone this Christmas.

Christmas falls on the same day every year, yet somehow we still forget to make adequate plans for the gifts we want to give our loved ones and then do a last-minute panic buying.
While some people can knock out their shopping list from the first week in December, most of us find ourselves rushing to the mall on Christmas Eve to shop for gifts, which we then realize is not a great idea.

So, I have come up with a list of seven thoughtful gift ideas for the people you love the most. You can rest assured that whichever day and time you decide to purchase any of these gifts, the recipient will receive it just in time.


The first item you can buy for someone right now that will still get to them before Christmas is an e-book. The beauty of e-books is that you can buy them for someone anywhere in the world. So they don’t have to be near you, and you don’t need to put anything in the postal mail.
You can purchase on Amazon, Google Books, or any eBook platform and have them sent to someone who has made your year.

If you have a loved one who loves reading, they will love an e-book, or if you have a friend running a startup for their business, you can buy them an e-book that brings them the knowledge to support their business to excellence.

Premium Bonds

If you stay in the UK, premium bonds are a great option to give someone this Christmas. If you go to the NS and I website, you can buy a premium voucher or a junior bond for a child.

Online Courses

You can invest in your friends and loved ones by buying online courses for them. You can register them for e-courses that will hold next year, which they can attend. I deliver several webinars and courses through my platforms, such as the Investment Masterclasses and the Budgeting & Saving Masterclasses.

You can buy them for someone by simply sending me an email. There are other e-courses on Udemy that your loved ones will appreciate in the long run. This investment is a gift that keeps on giving. For instance, if you buy my Investing Masterclass for a loved one, each time they make an investment decision that yields a positive return, they will remember you for that.

Linkedin Premium

Most of us use the free version of Linkedin that allows us to connect with people and put ourselves out there for job recruiters to see. However, with Linkedin premium, you get a little more. You see who is looking at you; you get to know if you are the first applicant for a role or if other people have applied for the role. That way, you get to see what your chances are while applying for a role.

The Linkedin premium offers a lot more than the free version and it’s a good gift to get your loved one ready for a career change in the New Year. They will appreciate that you are progressively thinking of them and that you want them to do well. This is a gift that also keeps on giving.

Sinking Funds Envelope

You can purchase a sinking fund envelope for your loved ones from any online store or me. It is an envelope that has spaces to put in money that you have assigned to different spending categories. You can also use it for your expenses after budgeting. It helps you spend your money based on categories. If you need one, you can send me an email with the address of the receiver and they will be sure to get it before Christmas.

Order My Novel: The Lost Khaki Girls

You can get my book from me and you will get it before Christmas if you order today. You can also order from Amazon and they will get it delivered to your loved ones before Christmas. It is a novel I wrote about three years ago with a 5 stars review. I would also love to give your loved one a beautifully wrapped, signed copy of The Lost Khaki Girls, so send me an email if you would like this too.

Premium Versions of Apps They Love

Another thing you can buy for your loved ones this Christmas is the premium version of any app they love. A lot of apps run this thing called ‘freemium’ where they have a free version and a premium version. That is something you can buy for your loved ones. Most often, the premium versions of these apps have a lot of value. Apps like video and photo editing apps, Canva, etc.

I have now shared seven things you can buy for your loved ones before Christmas if you have still not done your Christmas shopping today. All these things are value-adding and money-smart gifts. They are gifts that let your loved ones know that you are progressively thinking of them.

I am looking forward to hearing what Christmas gifts you are buying last minute.
Do have a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Would be off till the new year, so till then, keep living that Bulletproof life.
With love,
Ronke O.

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