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Today, I will be sharing the best investments you should make in 2022. These investments are going to bulletproof your life, career, and money;

1.              Earning Power

Investing in your earning power is the first investment you should be making this year. It is hard to increase your earning power if you have neither improved yourself nor invested in yourself as an active enterprise.

You can increase your earning power by gaining more skills.  Doing more training, improving your capabilities, and upgrading your skill-set will also increase your earning power. 

Get your CV ready at all times. Always have an elevator pitch such that if you are stopped today and asked what value you can add, you should have a 30 seconds pitch you can deliver to any CEO or recruiter.

Visit skills platforms and websites like udemy where you can gain skills.

2.              Pension

If you have not started investing in your old age, get a pension this year; and if you already have one but you’re not contributing to it to the maximum, endeavor to increase the contribution.

If you are an employee, your employer is automatically required to make contributions in your pension for you. You can contribute to that pension while your employer matches it. If you are a self-employed person, you can open a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) on investment platforms like Hargreaves Lansdown, AJ bell, etc.

3.              Health

Investing in your health is something you should be doing this year. You have to eat right this year. I understand how much you love your Jollof rice, pasta, Mc Donalds, and so on, but if you are over the age of 25, your body needs you to eat right and exercise.

Working from home has made it hard to get off the chairs; instead, we sit down all day on the computer; this is why you have to be more intentional about your health. If you get a letter from your GP to come for a routine checkup or a smear test, find time to do that.

Take care of your body, take your multi-vitamins, and protect your space and mental health. Set boundaries. You don’t have any business picking an 11 pm call that is not an emergency when you should be resting.

Avoid toxic friendships that affect your mental health. If your health is in a good place, you are more empowered to bulletproof your life and money, take steps that impact lives, and have a positive effect on your local and global economy.

4.              Network

You need to invest in building relationships that improve you. Surround yourself with positive people and relationships. Keep in touch with people in your social and professional network.

Go out to places and do things with other people. Work on your Social capital. It’s not always what you have that pushes you forward but the people you know who can enrich your life, provide you information, open doors for you, and make you aware of opportunities. Create network with people who have climbed up a ladder and can hold the ladder for you to climb up.

5.              Financial education

You need to know what you can do with your money and build wealth. Invest in financial education that teaches you how to stay out of debt, budget, save and be in control of your finances.

You can achieve this by watching Youtube videos like the ones I share on my channel, consuming financial information on social media, reading books, and going online to check websites that provide financial information.

There are finance websites like Google finance, Investopedia, and the likes. Decide every week to consume at least some financial information to improve your knowledge of finances and help you bulletproof your money.

6.              Career

Invest in pushing your career. Find yourself a workplace sponsor and a mentor. A mentor and a sponsor are two different relationships which I will always suggest that you have different people doing.

Your mentor is somebody who can provide you advice, sounding board, accountability partnership in different areas of your life, especially your career.

For career mentoring, I always advise you not to have a mentor who is your direct boss at work because sometimes you need to talk about your boss to your mentor. The mentor can be outside your organization but can provide career mentorship.

A sponsor, however, is somebody who can push you up the ladder at work and needs to be in your workplace.

Get involved in visibility projects that allow people to see your capability and strength; projects that put you in front of senior people and portray you in a positive light.

When volunteers are needed to do an important project, go for it; these projects should be within your area of work that reflects on you positively in the skillset you are using in the workplace

7.              Assets

You need to be investing assets like stocks and shares, mutual funds, property, gold, exchange-traded funds.

This particular year, I will be talking a lot about how you can invest in assets on my Youtube channel, so if you are yet to subscribe, you need to do that now.

If you are completely new to investment, I have an investing Masterclass webinar on Youtube which if you get in touch with me; I can give you the link to that for a small fee.

This webinar will help you understand the basics of investment and everything you need to do while investing

I have now shared seven best investments you can need to make this year. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Till next time.

With love,

Ronke O.

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