10 Principles for Living a Bulletproof Life

Hello friends, welcome back to the blog, I hope you are having a smashing week so far. Today I will be sharing ten principles that have been my basis for living a bulletproof life and can also help you to live that bulletproof life you desire.

1.           Ask for help

If you want to live a bulletproof life, learn how to ask for help. Some of us like to be superman. We like to do this life without asking anybody for help; we do not want to stress our friends and family.

You may be the firstborn going through the firstborn syndrome of helping everyone else and never asking for help. The ability to ask for help is a superpower on its own. Yes, it is ok to ask for help nicely.

I am not asking you to be a user such that you only reach out to people when you need them to help, but you need to learn how to reach out to other people and get them to help you.

You will be amazed at the number of people willing to help you. The very thing stressing you out is most likely easy for somebody else, or they may have a hack for doing it. So go on and ask for help.

2.           Stop prioritizing people who don’t prioritize you

This is the law of reciprocity. Do not beg for love, friendship or affection. Love those who love you and stop rating people who do not rate you. Prioritize your mental wellbeing, show yourself kindness, go where you are celebrated and not where you are tolerated, prioritize people the way they prioritize you.

This does not mean you are petty or taking revenge; it is just you, cherishing yourself and going to places where you are loved, appreciated, and adored. If you are in a place where you are not valued, you should consider changing location.

3.           Take care of your body

You have only one body and so you should take care of it.  Simple acts like exercising, flossing, seeing your dentist annually, taking your vitamin supplements, making sure you eat a balanced diet are vital.

If you get a letter from your doctor that you need a check-up, book that appointment and see your doctor. If your employer offers health insurance, take them up and use that opportunity to get a check-up.

Your body will only serve you as well as you take care of it.

People take care of their possessions better than themselves because they are expensive or are designer goods. Your body is the most important designer good that you have, feed it with good food, give it rest when it requires rest, and nourish it.

4.           Stop Worrying

Stop worrying about what people think about you. Trust in your personality and abilities. Stop focusing on what people will think or say. It affects your decision-making.

When I started my Youtube channel, someone asked me if I wondered what people would think when they see me putting myself out there, but I did not care. All I wanted was to pass the bulletproof life message and help people learn how to prioritize their wealth-building journey and make the right financial decisions.

I believe in myself and do not need the validation of people. So do not worry so much about what other people think or say.

5.           Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with like-minds, supportive, kind, and encouraging people; I mean positive people who see the glass as half full, who support your business ideas and ask how you plan to execute your plans; people who celebrate your wins and say positive things to you, who correct you in love, cheer you up, make you happy and make you see the best in yourself.

There is no benefit in surrounding yourself with negative people or listening to people who always drag you down. People can support you and build you up while remaining positive, keeping you happy, and adding value to you in a positive way.

People who are negative and drag you down with criticism are bad for your mental wellbeing, and they do not help you succeed. They only de-motivate and demoralize you. Avoid them.

6.           Learn to separate constructive criticism from jealous, hateful comments

Some people will give you feedback and you will see the constructive aspects of it. You will see how it adds value to you and helps you become a better person. This constructive criticism will always come from positive, encouraging, kind, and supportive people.

But, sometimes, you will get hateful comments often disguised as criticism from negative people; you need to learn to separate them and walk away from that comment that drags and pulls you down.

Some people give you criticism and you are asking yourself what next you are meant to do or change but you cannot seem to place it. All you sense is anger, hatred, and jealousy. Walk away from that and hold on to constructive criticism.

This also means you must learn not to see everybody as a hater. Sometimes people who are rooting for you will correct in love and you must learn to recognize it, take it on board and run with it.

7.           Actions speaks louder than words

Take people at their action. This one took me a bit to learn because I was once guilty. I will always say things like ‘If I don’t call you, it does not mean I don’t love you”.” I love you, but I do not have the time”. This is not right!

When you love someone, your actions must show it. That does not mean they will call you every day or automatically have the solutions to your problems every time; it only means that they will always show it if they care about you. This is just the reality.

It also applies to single people trying to get into a relationship; if he/she is not returning your calls or putting in the effort to spend time with you, it just means he/she does not have feelings for you. Know when to walk away. If a guy or a lady tells you they are not ready for a serious relationship, take them for their words.

This applies as well to other relationships we have. If somebody is good to you, take them at that. If they wrong you and apologize, take them at their apology. This applies to you as well; if you want someone to believe you are their friend, show them by being loyal and faithful and simply being the friend you say you are.

8.           Comparison is the thief of peace

The only competition you have is yourself. This principle is big because it impacts your finances.

The moment you start comparing yourself with other people, you are likely to spend money you do not have because you want to be like them; then you buy clothes you cannot afford, lease a car you cannot afford, you rent or buy a house that is too much for you simply because you want to be like others.

Contentment is key. Stop comparing your challenges, successes, journey with that of others. We all have different journeys; some are late bloomers while others are early bloomers. Learn not to compare yourself with others because it will make you miserable and withdraw your peace. The only person you should want to beat is yourself. Focus on your achievement and goals.

9.           If it is not a need, it is not an urgent purchase

The first thing you need to do is to know your needs from your wants. Food, accommodation, clothing, transport are your needs; everything else is a want. It is essential to have clothes on you but having an overflowing wardrobe is not a necessity.

Remember that the next Zara or NEXT sale is not a need but a want, and that means it is not an urgent purchase. You do not have to buy them when you do not have money. You can move that purchase until you have extra money.

10.        Do a deep evaluation

There is a need to do an evaluation of yourself to identify things that you are excellent at in terms of your skills and strengths and then focus on shining. If you are good at something, become better at it and make it work for you. If you are great at keeping fit and being disciplined with food, focus on it.

Do not go online and start looking for what you wish you are good at instead of focusing on the things that you are good at. If you are good at running, stop wishing you are good at dancing; focus on running, talk about running, teach others how to run, talk about the lessons you have learned while running, and tie other things to your running.

I evaluated myself and discovered that I love communicating with people, meeting new people, and sharing information; these are my strengths, and I have focused on them. You should do the same

Bonus point:   Leave the past in the past

Leave your mistakes in the past; Let the past be and start afresh. Focus on a new day and move forward. Do not live in a regretful place. Living in the past is like sitting in a rocking chair or riding a stationary bike. It would not take you far. Do something new, better and interesting in the New Year.

I have now shared eleven principles that would help you on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself. I hope you find these lessons useful while you keep living that bulletproof life.

Till next time.

With all my love,

Ronke O.

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