TOP 10 UK REITs to Invest In

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are publicly traded companies that allow you to become a property investor simply by buying the shares of these companies. I have shared in detail what REITs are in a previous post.

In this post, I will be sharing ten REIT companies you can invest in to become a property investor; I will also tell you a bit about each company to help you understand what they are and enable you to make informed choices.

The top ten REITs companies quoted on the UK stock exchange and worth considering are:


Assura is a UK-based real estate investment trust company. This company is a primary care property investor and developer.

They specialize in the development, investment, and management of portfolios of primary care buildings. They also specialize in diagnostic and treatment buildings across the UK by building hospitals, labs, and health care properties.

This group owns and manages a portfolio of 625 modern primary health care properties. If any sector has money in it, it is health care.

Big Yellow Group

This company is engaged in the provision of self-storage and related services. You might have seen their signs across the UK.

They provide secure and modern self-storage for homes and businesses and operate approximately 103 freehold stores including 25 stores branded as armadillo self-storage.

Big Yellow Group own approximately 14 big yellow self-storage development types. The company’s subsidiaries include Big Yellow Self Storage Company Limited, Big Yellow Construction Company Limited, Big Yellow Holding Company Limited, BYRCo limited, Big Yellow Limited Partners, and Big Yellow (Battersea) Limited.

Big Yellow Group is a company you want to invest in because they have all these properties that you can become a part-owner of.

British Land

The British Land Company PLC is a UK-based real estate company that owns and manages commercial property. That is the forte of British land.

This Company owns London Campuses and Retail & Fulfillment assets throughout the United Kingdom; they also own a lot of Offices, Retail, and the pricey-juicy Canada Water.

British Land owns properties in the leisure side of the retail sector and in residential sectors.

Their portfolio includes Campuses at Broadgate, Paddington Central, and Regent’s Place which offer sustainable spaces in London.

So, if you want to own part of Canada water, British land is the company you want to Invest in

Derwent London

Derwent London is a REIT that operates in the central London region. This Company owns and manages a portfolio of approximately 5.7 million square feet of commercial real estate, predominantly in the central London area.

Their property portfolio includes investment properties, owner-occupied properties, and trading properties. The Company’s properties are in central London as in West End central, West End borders, and generally the London City border area with some property in Scotland as well.

Great Portland Estates

Great Portland Estates is like Derwent London in that they operate in central London.

They own and develop offices, retail, and residential properties, and its portfolio includes tenants from various industry sectors.

They are not looking at individuals; their tenants are usually companies in retail, hospitality and leisure, technology, media and telecommunications, professional services, banking and finance, corporate and government space. 

They have a portfolio of approximately 297 occupiers from a diverse range of industries, including approximately 44 buildings over 32 sites. So, if you want to be a landlord to banks, the government, and mighty companies,

Great Portland is a real estate investment trust worth considering. They are massive, doing well, and quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

Hammerson Plc

Hammerson plc is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns and invests in shopping centres, developments, and outlets across the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Company’s subsidiaries include Grantchester Holdings Limited, Hammerson Company Secretarial Limited, Hammerson Employee Share Plan Trustees Limited, and so on.

This company is heavily invested not just in the UK but also in Europe. So, if you are looking at having property investments not just in the UK but also across Europe, the Hammerson is a REIT you may want to look at.

Land Securities

Land Securities is probably one of the first REITs I found out about and invested in. It is a holding company that buys, sells, and manages commercial properties.

The Company’s segments include Central London, Regional retail, urban opportunities, and Subscale sectors. They have a big property holding in Central London which include assets located across the whole of central London.

Their Regional retail outlets include shopping malls and shops outside London and outlets. Land securities is a REIT that is invested a lot in leisure and hotel assets and retail parks.

London Metric Property

London Metric Property is also a real estate investment trust (REIT) that specializes in property investment and development like all REITs do.

The Company is primarily focused on investing and operating various real estate properties. These properties include logistics companies, distribution companies, long-income assets, retail parks, offices, and residential properties with approximately 16 million square feet (sq ft) under management.

It is a company that has spread itself wide across a variety of sectors which I think is a good thing

Primary Health Properties

Primary Health Properties PLC is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that is invested heavily in primary healthcare accommodation across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

I am referring to hospitals, healthcare real estate, GP practices, and they do it in the long term. They do long-term leases, backed by underlying covenants. The majority of their healthcare facilities are GP surgeries, with other properties let to NHS organizations; so they buy properties and let them out to NHS organizations, NHS trusts, HSEs, pharmacies, dental offices, etc.

Their property portfolio comprises approximately 513 primary healthcare facilities. They acquire and develop properties, rent them out, manage them and do a lot of asset management and financing. 

If you want to become an owner of hospitals and want to invest in the health care sector, this is a place for you to do so.

Safestore Holdings

Safestore Holdings is a storage company with approximately 178 storage spaces in 5 countries.

Their portfolio cuts across London, the South East, the Rest of the UK, Paris, Spain, and the United Kingdom. They have approximately 71 stores in metropolitan areas such as Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Bristol.  Safestore Holdings is a company you want to look at.


Segro like a lot of the other REITs is a UK-based real estate investment trust. This Company owns, develops, and manages warehouse properties in the UK and Continental Europe.

This is a company that allows you to invest outside of the UK. Its property coverage includes Greater London, Thames Valley, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, and Central Europe. Their portfolio includes warehouses, light industrial buildings, warehouses used as data centres for logistics operations.

These are concentrated in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Poland.

I have now shared with you REITs you can invest in; you can buy their stocks and shares and become a property investor.

There are a lot of other REITS you can invest in as well; these ten are just examples to get you started on the property ladder.

You do not have to go through the stress of raising a deposit, trying to find money, reducing tax bills, and all. These companies are tax-exempt because of the number of rules and regulations in place to protect you as an investor.

You might also want to note that investing in REITs does not mean your money will double overnight. These companies will grow wealth for you over a period. Investment is a long-term game; get into the market, invest in REITs, relax and watch your money grow.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Until next time,

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