Four Things to Invest In

Whatever the dream life that you envisioned in your mind is, there are four things to invest in for you to achieve it.

You know the dream life you desire and what it looks like to you. Perhaps it is the life of not working every day or working three days a week.

It could be a life where you work hard every day adding value to people, living in a sunny location in a house on a beach, or maybe it’s a life of doing charitable work and not worrying about where your income is coming from.

Here are four places you should be investing in.


The first area to invest in is in you. Get an education; increase your knowledge about life, business, economics, etc. There are so many ways you can get the education you need.

You can read books, and watch Youtube videos like mine to get the knowledge you need about money and career progression, or attend courses about budgeting, savings, and investing masterclasses like the ones we offer at The Bulletproof Life. 

The beauty of the world we live in now is that knowledge is at our fingertips. So you can invest in yourself by acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to help you secure your future, grow your business, budget, save and invest your money and build the dream life you desire.


The second place you need to invest in your health; this is important because if you don’t invest in your health and you die, who will enjoy the dream life you desire?

Investing in your health will help you stay alive long enough to enjoy the dream life of your desire. to do this, you have to:

  • Eat the right food at the right time. 

Consume healthy snacks, control your meal portion, and cut down on unhealthy carbs. Don’t behave like a kitchen hoodlum eating heavy foods at 1 am. 

  • Keep fit. 

Keep fit and keep moving. If you can’t go to the gym, you can watch Youtube workout routines. I read a book about a Japanese community where people live long into their 100s’. When interviewed, they talked about how they keep themselves physically active and constantly in motion. 

  • Take your vitamins. 

Vitamin D is a good one, especially if you are working from home or during winter when you may not have enough exposure to sunlight.

You can get vitamin supplements and multivitamins over the counter, in booths, or in pharmacy stores to boost your immune system and stay healthy.

  • Get health insurance. 

The NHS is doing a great job, but you should also get health insurance because you and I know that the NHS is overburdened. Your health insurance might be the gap between an early diagnosis and long life and a late diagnosis and a truncated life.


I’m so grateful for what the pandemic year has done because it allowed us to spend more time with the children due to the lockdown. Many parents had no choice but to home school. The year was a gift to me in particular, allowing me to be a better parent. 

Spend time with your children. Be the dream parent you always imagine to be when you have kids. Be patient with them. Play games with them. Teach them all the things you wish somebody had taught you when you were their age. 

I taught my girls to play board games like ludo, draft, and monopoly. Games have been a bonding time for us. Monopoly has been an avenue for me to teach my older daughter about money.

Invest in your children; their education and in helping them become kind, thoughtful, and contributing members of society. If you raise them right, you will benefit from it, and so will they.


The last place you need to be investing in is your future; this is really what The Bulletproof Life Is all about. You need to budget so you can save, save so you can invest, and invest so you can create additional wealth for your future self. 

Saving money means you are being kind to your future self. In your 60s or 70s, you probably may not want to work so many hours. You may want to get involved in charity work, walk around the beach, or travel around the world.

You must be kind to your future self from now. One major way to invest in your future self is for you to have a pension. Make a pension arrangement if you have not started. 

Many people have the opportunity to make pension arrangements through their workplace, where they contribute, and their employer matches it for them. It is free money that you should take advantage of. 

If you’re in the US, get on your 401K. Get your pension sorted. If you are self-employed or a contractor who does not have an employer that can pay your pension, there are plans for you like SIPP.

You can get a SIPP (self-invested personal pension] from a couple of investment platforms or your bank. You don’t want to be dependent on extended family when you’re retired, and you do not want to live your old age in hunger, frustration, anxiety, and depression. 

Instead, your old age should be a time when you can live in comfort because you have spent your younger years working so hard. 

Start investing in these four things today and experience financial freedom and all-around peace of mind.

I hope you have enjoyed reading.

Till next time.


Ronke O.

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