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Being an entrepreneur sometimes means endless emails and phone calls, attending meetings, taking orders, and a lot more; so you need to learn how to take control of your life and manage your day-to-day tasks. 

It is easy to think the only thing you need to run an online business is an ultrafast internet connection, a functioning computer or a smartphone, and a smoking hot product. 

If you limit yourself to these three things, you can get overwhelmed with business demands, fail to meet timelines and targets, and even limit how much you make from your business. 

Being in control may require you to rely on different tools for different purposes. Here are five free tools to help you grow a sizable business and live a simpler life.

1. Canva

Canva is an online graphic design platform that offers both a free and paid suite of design tools that you can use to create social media ads, flyers, magazines, Instagram Live invites, beautiful slides, book covers, and infographics.

I use Canva to create cover photos for my Youtube channel, Instagram posts, and The Bulletproof Life Blog. With its simple drag and drop features, you do not need to hire a designer.

If you want to DIY your social media designs, Canva is a great tool to start with; it comes with more than 1 million free photography, templates, fonts, and elements for you to choose from.

2. PayPal

PayPal is an online payment platform that allows your customers to pay for goods and services without hassle. It has more than 100 currencies around the world and more than 325 million active accounts in 200 markets. 

Its easy-to-use feature makes it easy for start-up businesses to conduct online transactions. 

PayPal does not only allow you to set up recurring payments but allows you to create and send invoices through your account. Also, you do not need a merchant account, and your clients and customers do not need a PayPal account to pay you. 

They also offer a variety of POS tools, small business loans, and lines of credit. In an age where bank fees are skyrocketing, PayPal is a great option.

3. Buy me a coffee

I once asked a couple of my friends who were entrepreneurs if they have heard about this platform, and more than half of them were hearing about it for the first time.

Buy me a coffee is an online platform that allows you to receive donations, start a membership and sell anything you like. It is the best way for you to accept tips, support, membership, and donations to support your business.

You can do this by adding a ‘buy me a coffee’ donate button to your website or content so that when anyone clicks the link to buy you a coffee, they are indirectly donating money to you while also subscribing to your service.

Although the service is free, there is a 5% fee for each transaction. 

4. Planoly

If you are an entrepreneur who is always on the move with one hundred and one things to do daily- from replying to emails to ensuring orders are picked up and delivered- planning your social media posts is a top hack you should not joke with. 

Planoly is a planning tool that helps you plan and schedule content for your social media pages. 

With their Instagram auto-post feature, you do not have to do the brain work of remembering to post or waiting around for a reminder before you manually upload. You can schedule your content for the next weeks or even months in advance.

Planoly also has a paid feature that tells you the best time to post and the right hashtags to use for your Instagram post. This particular feature is a great tool for entrepreneurs who wants to maintain an online presence, increase engagement, foster a thriving digital community and improve brand awareness. 

5. Linktree

Have you ever wondered if you could have all your products and service under one umbrella link? Such that a single click can direct traffic to your blog, product pages, youtube channel, and any other service your offer.

Linktree is the man for the job! This tool allows you to add numerous links or call-to-action buttons.

With Linktree, your followers can consume content of their choices with a single click. So if you have different products or platforms where you market your business, Linktree would help your followers access those platforms easily.

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