10 Apps to make money

If you are looking for a way to make money without hassle, whether as a side hustle or a major source of income, there are ten apps that can make you money. I have used a lot of these apps and made money from them.

Apps that allow you to sell

These apps allow you to sell. You can sell things that you made, things you have used, or new things. These apps can help you purchase in bulk from the app and resell on the app.

I have personally used these sites and have made good money off them. Also, please don’t assume there are things you cannot sell, they only need to be on the right site.

I once bought a sack of sand, used half for my backyard, sold the other half, and made good money. If I can sell sand, you can also sell anything you wish to.


eBay is an app that has been around for a while. It is a website also. On eBay, you can sell and buy anything. You will be amazed at the number of people who became millionaires and built empires from eBay.

They have periods where they do not charge you for selling there, but they often charge you once you complete a sale. However, there are times when they have a 1p or 0p selling fee; watch out for this time and make good money. 

eBay is an app you want to download, register, and start selling on if you have not started. 

Facebook marketplace

Facebook has a function called Facebook marketplace where you can sell stuff. I have seen people listing their houses on the Facebook market. You can advertise your services and make items to sell on the Facebook marketplace.

Instead of limiting yourself to liking, commenting, and poking people, you can also use your Facebook app to make money.


Vinted is an app that majorly centers on selling clothes. I have used other apps like Spock and Preloved for cloth, but Vinted has been my favorite because it is convenient. 

Vinted alerts you when you have sold something, and they also alert your followers when you upload a new item.

This app is a great way to de-clutter your wardrobe or your partner’s wardrobe while making money back.


As the name suggests, you can only sell things that are preloved on Preloved. You can sell your preloved clothes, wedding gown, wedding ring, used furniture, etc.

It is a great app to make good money just by taking a few pictures of the item, listing it, describing it, and boom! You are making money.


Etsy is a fantastic place for creatives because you can only sell the things that you produce. You cannot buy something somewhere else and resell it on Etsy. It is strictly for your handiwork. 

You need to add your touch to a product before selling it there. The beauty of Etsy is that you can also sell e-products, wallets, trinkets, handmade goods, and downloadables. It is a land for creatives. So get on Etsy today and start making money if you are creative.

I just mentioned five apps where you can sell things easy peasy lemon squeezy. Once you put your items on these sites, you sit back and watch your money roll in.

Apps where you can sell your skills


Fiverr is a place where you can sell your skills and make good money. Once you put yourself on Fiverr, people who need your services will purchase it and pay you good money. 

I know people who make so much money on Fiverr and do not need even a day-to-day 9-5 job because Fiverr is their 9-5 job. It provides enough money for them to live day-to-day.

I have purchased and sold services on Fiverr, and that is how I know that Fiverr is a great place to make money. We are in that space right now in the world where you do not have to be in a physical office to have a job. 

You can pick up short contracts and jobs on Fiverr that will keep you busy every day of the week.


Linkedin is a great place to sell your skills. You may see it as a place to put up your CV and connect with professionals, but it does not end there.

It is a place where you can also sell your skills to help you move on to your next job, connect with people, get a short job offer, and earn more.

Linkedin has a specific app for job seekers which I recommend that you download if you need a side hustle. This app allows you to sell your skills and earn more.

Apps that allow you to make money while shopping

Once you download these apps, they allow you to get cashback, and enjoy discounts on groceries. 

Shopmium And Greenjinn

Shopmium and Greenjinn allows you to make money as you shop for groceries. I have them on my phone, and they let me know when there is a discount or when I can get something for free. 

I also receive notifications when I can shop and get cash back. These apps make you money in trickles, but they help you get back something when shopping. 

If you want to reduce your shopping bill, download these two apps.

Apps that allow you to sell stuff, skills and display creativity

If you need to showcase your skills, sell yourself, build a brand, or get short jobs, this app is your best option.


Instagram is a place where you can build wealth and become rich. You do not need to have a million followers to make good money on Instagram.

It is possible to make money on Instagram by putting up a profile, building a brand, showcasing your skills, and displaying your products.

If you can connect with your followers, post regularly, be consistent and dedicated, and show up always, you will make money on Instagram. 

Instagram also has a shop function that allows you to connect your shop with Facebook and your website so that people can shop directly from Instagram. 

Once you can build a brand that is visible and legitimate, you will make money from Instagram.

Now that you know these ten best money-making apps, get to work and start thinking about how you can make money on them.

Till next time.


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