10 Fun Budget Summer Activities

Summer is almost here, the weather is getting better, and schools will be closing in July. You may soon find yourself racking your brain thinking of fun budget summer activities you can do with your family and children. 

As fun as summer months can be, it can also mean having to spend more money than the other months. However, even if you are frugal and aiming for a low-budget summer, you can still have lots of fun.

I will be sharing ten activities that would not cost you money but would occupy your children during summer. I have tried all of these activities and found them more fun and interactive than going on an expensive vacation.

You can do these activities two or three days per week and before you know it, that summer holiday is over.

Here are the ten budget fun summer activities you can enjoy without emptying your bank account.


Arrange play dates with their classmates. Get in touch with the parents and let them know your kids will like to hang out with theirs. They bring their kids over one day in your house, and then your take your kids one day to that house. 

You can arrange a play date with different families. That way, the summer is going, and your children are having lots of fun. These play dates will not cost you a penny. All you need is to pack lunch for your kids and provide lunch for their friends when they come around.

Art and Crafts

Arts and crafts are such a thing in my house during summer. There are so many arts and crafts ideas online that do not cost so much. You can explore tie and dye, clay, painting the garden floor, make origami, and do all sorts of things. 

Another thing you can do is buy a bucket of chalk and get the children to paint the floors outside your home. There are so many things you can do with paper. 

Buy canvas from Poundland or any of the pound stores so that the children can have a go at being Picasso. Painting on canvas while away time as it is a great way to spend the afternoon. Get them to do a lot of molding, coloring, painting, and dying. 

Strawberry Picking

Find a local farm and go strawberry picking. It is such a wonderful pastime. We did it last summer and planning to do it again this summer. It is very cheap and affordable; most farms will charge two or three pounds. 

You and the children would get a little basket and go around the farm picking strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. The children can have fun and eat berries as they fill their baskets. It is an outdoor activity that whiles away the whole day and is perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

Visit the Library

I am the kind of parent that likes to squeeze in a bit of education during the summer holidays; because I do not believe in packing away the book forever till September. 

If you are like me who loves to involve a bit of learning opportunity where possible, I suggest you visit the library.

Interestingly, most libraries offer activities during the summer; they have reading activities and challenges set up according to age grades. These activities allow children to participate in specific challenges for their age grade.

They can also pick up a book to read in the library or borrow books to take home and return. I always make the library a part of our summer holidays, and it is usually a fantastic experience. 

Picnic in the Park

You can do a picnic in the park or the garden. My kids love when I set up picnics; we get a basket, pack food, biscuits, fruits, snacks, blankets, and a book or two. Then we go to our local park, sit there, and read a book. 

I often nap while my children run around, climb climbing frames, and play on the bicycles. A picnic in the park is a great way to spend time with the children during summer.

Bake Together

Baking together is another fun budget summer activity that you can do. Get your children baking, download a recipe online or use one already have. Buy them a little apron and get them baking. 

You guys end up with cake, cookies, and yummy stuff your children can eat. They also feel accomplished knowing that they were part of the baking process. 

Play Board Games Together

You can get board games from charity shops instead of buying expensive ones from Amazon. Having fun on a budget means you go to your local charity shops to check out the board games they have. 

You will be surprised that these shops have a wide range of board games for as low as one or two pounds. They put them on shelves or the floor in corners.

You can get scrabble, monopoly, ludo, and other fun games that you can play at home. I am a big fan of using monopoly to teach children about money.

Ludo is a great one to help 6 or 7 years old with counting, adding, and subtracting. I also taught my 7-year-old how to play draft, and she loves it, so we play it together. So get on top of the board game thing and spend time with your children this summer.

Visit a Museum

A museum is a fantastic educational experience during the summer. There are local and free museums that you can visit. Even if it is a paying museum, they usually do not charge for children; they only charge for adults. 

Museums are usually affordable except if you are in central London. Visiting a museum with children helps you imbibe in them a love of art, history, information, and knowledge.

Find a Local Activity Center

Activities centers usually have climbing frames, a splash pool, and things your children would love. There are so many of these activities centers that your kids can have fun while you have a cup of coffee. Sometimes, these centers have wildlife or areas where you can feed the ducks.

Now I have shared ten fun summer activities with you without breaking the bank. You can have a fun summer with your family and children on a budget and I hope you find these tips useful.

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