10 Luxury Purchases You Do Not Need

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The cost of living in the UK and my home country, Nigeria, has soared in the past few months. So, this is not the right time to splurge money on luxury purchases you do not need.

I understand we’ve all been there at one time or the other. You love the flamboyant lifestyle. You want people to know you are wearing expensive designer outfits. You may also think they would be more durable because of their cost.

So, not minding the cost and how it would impact your finances, you look for those designer products and tell yourself, “I have to have it, whatever it costs.” And then, a week or month later, it strikes. You’re broke. What was I thinking?

Here are 10 items you do not need to go after luxury brands to buy. You can buy them as high-quality products instead.

1. The basic white tee

You do not need to buy your white tees from designer brands because a basic white tee is as basic as it gets. You can get them from M&S, Amazon, or Primark. When it comes to basic white tees, the fitting is what matters.

Irrespective of how much you spend buying them, they will often get sweat stains in a few months. So, you do not need to get your basic white tees from luxury brands; it will only cost you a lot of money. 

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2. Costume jewelry 

Costume jewelry is not real gold, and buying designer brands like Gucci bracelets and Channel earrings will cost a lot. Besides, some of them don’t even look as expensive as how much you spend on them. 

I am a fan of getting value for your money, so these things are a no-no. That same money you spend buying designer costume jewelry would get you real gold which has retail value and can keep forever. 

You can resell real gold and make more money. Instead of wasting money on costume jewelry in a luxury store, go for real gold and precious metals. Stop wasting money on branded costume jewelry.

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3. Kids clothes

It amazes me every time I see kids kitted up in designer outfits. If you can afford it, that is fine, but if you are saving and stressing about buying designer wear for your kids, stop it. It is unnecessary. They outgrow their clothes so fast. They wear them for a few months, and before you know it, they cannot wear them again. 

You may put the clothes aside and buy new ones sooner than you can imagine. Buying designer brands for your kids is not usually worth it. Designer shoes are way more realistic than clothes. 

You can shop at high-street shops like Zara, M&S, and H&M for them. You don’t have to rush off to designer stores whenever you need cloth for your kid.

When we first had my daughter, I could never buy Primark things for her. It was a no-no for me. Even on the high street, I avoided a lot of stores because I insisted on quality. 

Until she turned 3 and started outgrowing them so fast; sometimes, we only got to wear the clothes about twice, and then she could not wear them again. Then, I started going high-street, which saved me a lot of money.

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4. Belts 

You don’t need designer belts. A good leather belt will last you years. You can find leather belts in many stores, and they don’t even cost that much. Besides, I find logo belts so tacky.

You can get durable leather belts in different colors and designs without breaking the bank. Reduce shopping belts that are branded and expensive. 

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5. Luggage

You don’t need branded Gucci luggage when you are traveling. When you buy branded luggage, you may indirectly be inviting people to break and steal from them. In addition, some airport staff would not treat your luggage like the precious item you think it is. 

They throw them around and may even think you have expensive stuff inside. If you want good quality luggage, go for the brands that focus on producing luggage products. 

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6. Skincare

This point applies more to ladies. You don’t need designer skincare before you take care of your skin. However, the fact that it is a luxury does not mean it is better. Instead, go for medical-grade skin care. If you want to take care of your skin, consult a dermatologist to recommend products.

Dermatologically recommended products always perform better. Some are on the high street and easily accessible stores and booths. Medical-grade moisturizers do not cost the earth. 

Check out your spa place’s brands or those displayed in your skin clinic. Usually, they are medically graded. Don’t just pick up a product because it is a designer brand and is in vogue. There may be better products for your skin.

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7. Fashion sneakers

I love fashion sneakers a lot; they are my go-to for many outfits. However, do you need fashion sneakers that are from designer brands? I’ll say no.

You can look good in fashion sneakers from classic brands like Adidas, Vance, and the rest for a fraction of the money you would have spent buying luxury sneakers.

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8. Luxury phone cases

Phone cases are made for specific phones. So if you change your phone, your former pouch is rendered useless. Why spend £500 on a luxury brand case when you can easily buy a less expensive good phone case?

Your criteria for buying your phone case should be its ability to protect your phone during a fall.

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9. Scarves

I need help understanding this desire to be a walking billboard for a brand by wearing branded scarves. Silk is silk. A scarf is a scarf. You can easily get a silk scarf from John Lois or other small boutique brands without breaking the bank. 

Get a few and tie them to your bag, neck, or hair. Use them fashionably without spending outrageous amounts of money on them. Get different sizes and colors of scarves. They do not need to be designers before looking lovely.

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10. Flip flops

I once saw flip-flops for about £200 and wondered if they could make me fly. Lol. You don’t need designer flip-flops. Instead, buy regular durable ones for the summer.

It doesn’t matter how expensive your flip-flops are; you cannot wear them to dinner. As a matter of fact, some restaurants would not let you in if you were wearing flip-flops. So take them off your shopping list. You don’t need to buy them as luxury items.

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