Christmas Gift Ideas With A Financial Twist

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We are in the Christmas season again, and in this post, I will share eight Christmas gift ideas with a financial twist. These gifts would help your friends, loved ones, and children to learn the financial lessons you have learned and to bring them up to speed about being bulletproof.

1. Cash Gift

You can gift someone money in an envelope while allowing them to do whatever they want. The beauty of the cash gift is that you are not giving them a gift they cannot use for what they love.

Material gifts can be returned to the store, but cash gifts are universal. You can give your children, nephews, nieces, parents, or anyone in need.

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2. Financial Education

Give them something that teaches them about financial education. There are so many books that teach about money. You can gift someone books like rich dad, poor dad.

They would read it, learn from it and always remember that you were the one that started them on the journey to financial freedom.

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3. Premium Bonds

I’m a big fan of premium bonds because they are safe and durable. This gift is particularly applicable to people in the UK. They also have a lottery feature where you can win up to a million pounds.

You can buy premium bonds easily by visiting the NS& I website. The website is a regulated platform that has survived two world wars. So, it is a safe and great way to get someone on the journey to financial freedom.

Once you buy them premium bonds, they will likely want to buy more. They are also likely to like to learn more about it.

It is also a great way to get your children started. You do have to spend a lot of money to get somebody started. You can buy a premium bond certificate for as little as 25 pounds.

4. Gift An Education, Training, Or Certification

Another Christmas gift idea is to educate somebody by paying for something that can improve their career. For example, you can buy them a project management certification course if they are a project manager. You can also pay for somebody to get skill training.

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If they have talked about a course and how much they need to complete it, buy them that course. This fantastic gift shows them that you are invested in their progress and career.

You are helping them grow their income because their finances will progress when their career progresses. Investing in someone’s skill acquisition, career, and education is a great Christmas gift idea.

5. Gift Investment To Yourself

Giving yourself a gift this Christmas is an excellent idea by investing something through your investment account. If you do not have an investment account, this is your cue to get on an investment platform and put in some money for yourself. You can invest in bonds, shares, and ETFs.

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6. Gift A Financial Tool

A financial tool is a great Christmas gift idea. You can buy somebody an app, a budgeting journal, or any means to support their financial journey. A lot of people need tools to help them with budgeting and saving.

Budgeting journals allow you to write exactly how much you plan to spend and track your spending. You can also pay for premium apps to help them adequately support their financial journey.

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7. Gift Gold

Gold is an asset, and the beauty of gold is that when the value of shares drops and the stock market is not doing well, gold prices go up. So gold is an excellent alternative investment for someone you love or care about.

You can buy gold bars or coins because gold jewelry can be pretty personal, except you are buying them for someone close to you.

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Also, you will likely buy gold jewelry at a higher rate as you will have to pay for both the weight and the artisanal price of the goldsmith that converted it. 

For investment purposes, a gold bar or gold coin is more advisable because you can convert it. Also, you can always have it for safe keeping knowing that you have invested in financial security and safety. You can buy more than a bar if you can afford it.

8. Donate To Their Favorite Charity

The law of giving and receiving is still very valid. You can help somebody in need this Christmas. When you give to someone’s favorite charity and you let them know, it especially warms their heart. Instead of giving them a direct gift, you can give it to their charity.

My favorite charity is the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity and the Newham Food Bank London. You can ask the person you want to give a gift to their favorite charity and then donate on their behalf.

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Giving these Christmas gifts means you have been bulletproofing your life, getting financial knowledge, and learning how to grow wealth. But you also want someone you care about to join you on that journey.

So this Christmas, do not give a gift they would think back on in a few years and cannot even remember what you gave them.

Instead, give them something that would make them remember you even after many years. Go for value-adding gifts that add positivity and goodness to their lives.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Till next time.

With love,

Ronke O.

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