6 Ways To Make 2023 Your Best Year


We are now in the last few days of 2022, and if making the best out of 2023 is one of your resolutions for the new year, this post is for you. Here are 6 ways to make 2023 your best year.

1. Start Budgeting From The Beginning of The Year

January is when to start budgeting. Make sure to start early before your finances are unstable, and your debts increase. 

You may have lost out on all the possible savings and investments you could have made early in the year.

Write down all your expenses from 2022 to be a guideline for you. Then, you can budget on a monthly basis and track your spending against the budget you have made.

If you need to learn how to start, you can get my budgeting book to help you get started. You can also use budgeting apps like Emma and Yolt.

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2. Declutter your closet

Decluttering applies to men and women, even though women tend to have more overfilled closets. If your shoe lockers and cloth wardrobes are too full, you need to declutter your closet.

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A simple method for decluttering your space is by dividing all your things into three categories;

Category 1: The useful pile

This category pile would be for things you want to keep because you love them and they are still useful. 

Category 2: The sell-pile

The sell-pile includes things you do not want anymore but are in good condition. You can make some money off these items because they may be trendy, designer, and of great quality. You can put them up on eBay, Vinted, or Facebook marketplace.

Category 3: The charity pile

The charity pile includes the items you want to give away. Avoid putting faded, torn clothes, worn-out shoes, and tattered items in your charity pile. Instead, include things that other people can wear. So make sure they are clean and folded nicely.

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3. Declutter The House

Step out of your house, come in as a visitor, and look at your space through new eyes. Look at the hallways, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms as a guest and consider things that should not be there. Remove unnecessary items and free up the house.

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4. Write Down Your Goals

If you still need to set goals, make sure you start now. The best way to do it is to ask what you want to achieve in 2023 over this year. Make sure to cover seven key areas: spiritual life, marriage, relationship with children, business, career, finances, and health.

Break down the goals into six months and three months categories. Once you have your January to march goals, answer which one to achieve per month. Breaking down your goals into monthly actions helps you achieve them easily.

You can use a planner to write out your goals to remind and motivate you throughout the year.

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5. Write Out A Comprehensive Shopping List

In 2023, don’t just go into the shops and start racking your brain for what you want to buy, then end up shopping without discipline. Instead, sit down, and write a comprehensive shopping list of everything you usually buy every month. 

My budget and saving book have space for a comprehensive shopping list. So whenever you want to go to the store, you can open your comprehensive shopping list and write out the ones you do not have in your pantry.

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6. Make A List Of Books To Read

A way to get financial education is to read books. So many fantastic books share information about how to get your finances in order. You can also read books about entrepreneurship and advancing your career. You can list out 12 books for the year. Make a goal to read one book per month. 

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Have a beautiful year ahead.

With Love,

Ronke O.

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