20 Life Lessons For 2023

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What better way to welcome you to a new year than to share with you the top twenty lessons I have learned in the previous years? These 20 life lessons for 2023 would help you thrive and live a bulletproof life this New Year.

Lesson 1: Persevere

Now is not the time to give up or let go. You need to be patient because your blessings are around the corner. Hang in there. You may be looking at the situation and wondering if God would come through; he will!

Lesson 2: Trust Your Guts

Anytime you think a person or situation does not feel right, trust your gut. You may not know how to explain it, but your instincts might be correct.

Lesson 3: Lay Your Bed Every Morning
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Laying your bed every morning starts you right. It means you have been able to achieve something even before 8 am.

Lesson 4: Stop Looking For Signs
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If you keep calling your friends to ask if they think he is the right one for you, it may be a sign that he is not the one. If you have to keep looking for signs that a guy or lady wants to be with you, then he/she is not the one. Move on!

Lesson 5: Not Every Action Needs A Reaction

You do not have to respond to everything. There is a saying that if you respond to every barking dog on your journey, you will never get to your destination.

Not every action needs a reaction. Not every post needs a response. Sometimes, it is better to sit and observe or look away.

Lesson 6: Enjoy The Body You Have Now

When I look back to my throwback pictures and see myself many years ago, I wonder why I used to think I needed to lose weight. I looked good in those pictures. That body was perfect. So, you need to enjoy the body you have now, even if it is not the ideal body you want.

Lesson 7: Wash Your Things
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Wash your hair, bedding, towels, and makeup brushes. If you cannot remember the last time you washed these things, it’s been too long. Get it washed now.

Lesson 8: The Workplace Is For Work

When you go to your workplace, work. You’re not just there to play, go for lunches, or to show off the latest fashion.

Show up daily, build relationships, attend meetings, make an impact, share your good ideas, and do not hide. Above all, remember that you are there to work.

Lesson 9: Work Smart

Another workplace lesson is that you should work smart and not just hard. It is not just about you putting in the hours; it is about working smart. Learn your work tools.

If some tools or applications are being used in your workplace to support your work, learn them. Many tools can make your job easier; learn and use them.

Lesson 10: Your Colleagues Are Your Colleagues

Your colleagues are not your friends and should be treated accordingly. Stop taking your dirty laundry to work. The workplace is not where you share your secrets. Anything you share can and will be used against you. 

Always remember that everybody has different agendas, and you cannot predict what your colleagues’ agendas are.

Lesson 11: You Do Not Need A Second Serving

Avoid taking second servings of food, disrespect, and betrayal. Walk away; you do not need it.

Lesson 12: Learn How To Let People Go

It is high time you let the people that hurt and disrespect you go. Walk away from people that do not bring out the best in you.

Lesson 13: Take The Braids Out
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Take out the braids sis! You have had it on for so long, and there is no need to keep washing it, so take it out. It is most likely smelling right now and needs to go

Lesson 14: Leave The Past In The Past

A regret is a car that takes you nowhere. Dwelling on the past can impact your well-being. Leave the past in the past. Let it go.

Lesson 15: See Your Mistakes As Learning Opportunities

Anytime you make a mistake, sit down and ask “what are the lessons in this mistake?”. Once you have picked out the lessons, move on; don’t dwell on them or get angry with yourself. That is not the time to apportion blame.

A mistake is a learning opportunity, and it is a privilege to make and learn from them. Life is a school that teaches us lessons. If you do not learn a major lesson at that point, life will keep on creating situations and opportunities for you to learn.

Lesson 16: Make Peace With The Things You Cannot Change

Some of the things you cannot change include your race, who your parents are, and your past. Learn to make peace with them. There is no reason to get angry at these things. Put them in a box somewhere and move on to do great things with your life.

Lesson 17: Be Intentional With Loving Yourself

It is harder to love you if you do not love yourself. You have to be intentional about loving yourself the way you want to be loved. Show yourself kindness by buying yourself gifts. Pay off debts because debts will stress you out.

Show love to your future self by having a retirement plan. Be kind to your body by getting good sleep and eating the right diet. Loving yourself makes it easier for other people to love you.

Lesson 18: Chose Sponsors Over Mentors

Mentoring is good, but a workplace sponsor will always do more for you. A mentor will advise you, show the ropes to leadership, banter with you, and hold your hands towards progression.

However, a sponsor will go into rooms you cannot go into and fight for you. They will fight for your promotion and for that opportunity. They will speak for you in places where you cannot speak for yourself.

If you are a black woman in the workplace, you need a sponsor even more because you are considered a minority.

Lesson 19: Apply Before You Feel Ready

This is particularly applicable to women or anyone who suffers from imposter syndrome. Go ahead and apply for that job. The jobs are not as difficult, challenging, or complex as you think they will be. If you have the skills and experience, don’t let impostor syndrome keep you from applying.

Applying before you are fully ready does not mean you should apply for a job you are not completely qualified for. It only means that if you have five years of experience and a job requires seven, apply for it.

Lesson 20: Never Stop Learning

The moment we stop learning, we die mentally and psychologically. Learn new tools and new ideas. Read books and take courses. Hang out with younger people and learn how they think. Also, never stop learning new skills.


I hope you find these 20 lessons for 2023 useful as you go through this new year. Here’s to a prosperous new year!

Till next time.


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