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6 Money Mistakes To Avoid In Your 30s

You have recently graduated from your carefree 20s into your responsible 30s. You are likely thinking more about relationships, careers, buying a home, starting a family, and money management. This new phase can be both exciting and challenging. So it is important to know some money mistakes to avoid during this period. In order to…

Recession-Proof Saving Tips For This Year

Whether you accept the reality or not, recession is looming and you need these recession-proof saving tips to help you get ready! A lot of countries are already feeling the pinch of an economic meltdown. Tim Simons, a money market economist speculated that 2023 will likely see a “classic recession.” The World Bank has also predicted that…

Lies From the Fashion industry

There are some lies from the fashion industry that they have been pushing in a bid to put their hands in our pockets and get us to spend more. They tell those lies through social media, TV, magazines, and the media. Once you know these lies, you can walk away from them and control how…

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