7 Money Rules Schools Won’t Teach You

Here are seven money rules that school would not teach you. These rules will help you bulletproof your finances and make the right financial decisions.


For many black people, once we start working, we feel obliged to provide for extended family members, especially our parents. Doing this is a big thing in the black community. Giving extended families and friends financial support and how this affects your finances is what I call the black tax. Our parents made us believeContinue reading “BLACK TAX AS AN EXPENSE”

5 Mistakes You Are Making With Money

Being good at money management is something anyone can learn and master, and it all boils down to having good money habits. However, struggling to achieve financial freedom may be because there are some mistakes you are making with money. These mistakes will keep you from saving and growing wealth. Here are five common mistakesContinue reading “5 Mistakes You Are Making With Money”

The UK 2022 Mini-Budget And How It Affects You

As we all know, the new Prime Minister of the UK, appointed a new UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng. Last week, Kwasi announced a mini-budget 2022 that included a few tax changes such as a cut to basic-rate tax, which focused on removing additional-rate income tax. The UK 2022 mini-budget was a responseContinue reading “The UK 2022 Mini-Budget And How It Affects You”


A thousand pounds may not seem like much, but you have been disciplined enough to save it, and now you are ready to invest. I applaud you for that! Your £1,000 is a fantastic start in building toward long-term financial freedom. If you are unsure how to invest your first £1000, this post is forContinue reading “HOW TO INVEST YOUR FIRST £1000”

5 Common Financial Red flags In Relationships

You are probably all loved up right now and caught between romantic getaways, date nights, fancy dinners, and all the lovey-dovey that comes with a new relationship. As a result, money conversations are the last thing on your mind. But soon, you may begin to notice some financial red flags and disturbing patterns regarding yourContinue reading “5 Common Financial Red flags In Relationships”

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