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A thousand pounds may not seem like much, but you have been disciplined enough to save it, and now you are ready to invest. I applaud you for that! Your £1,000 is a fantastic start in building toward long-term financial freedom. If you are unsure how to invest your first £1000, this post is forContinue reading “HOW TO INVEST YOUR FIRST £1000”

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5 Common Financial Red flags In Relationships

You are probably all loved up right now and caught between romantic getaways, date nights, fancy dinners, and all the lovey-dovey that comes with a new relationship. As a result, money conversations are the last thing on your mind. But soon, you may begin to notice some financial red flags and disturbing patterns regarding yourContinue reading “5 Common Financial Red flags In Relationships”

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Financial Costs To Expect When You Move Abroad

Are you planning to move abroad anytime soon? Here are six financial costs to expect as you relocate.

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How to Buy Your First Home

Do you want to become a homeowner in the UK? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy your first home.

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5 Common Money Mistakes Couples Make

In this article, I share 5 expensive mistakes couples make with their money and these mistakes are costing you!

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How To Improve Your Credit Score Fast

What is a credit score? How can you improve your credit score quickly? Why is your credit score low? Keep reading to find out

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How to Pay for Your Next Car Purchase

Purchasing a new car can be a bit challenging. So if you are considering making a car purchase but are unsure how to finance it, this post is for you!  What are your options, and what are their pros and cons?  Keep reading to find out. 1. Cash The cheapest and easiest way to payContinue reading “How to Pay for Your Next Car Purchase”

5 Worst Financial Advice I’ve Ever Heard

At some point in our lives, we have received advice on money management. Some money misinformation can come from anywhere, including friends, families, loved ones, social media drivel, and even professionals. But what’s the worst financial advice I’ve ever heard? These misguided suggestions about investing, budgeting, saving, and building credit are usually disguised as financial adviceContinue reading “5 Worst Financial Advice I’ve Ever Heard”


There are situations where you do not have enough money, and you are just getting by month to month by living from paycheck to paycheck. People talk about saving around you, but you only care about surviving because you don’t know how to save money.  Well, there are ways you can save even though youContinue reading “HOW TO SAVE WHEN YOU HAVE NO MONEY”

8 Things to Do Before Investing

Investing is a major part of building wealth and achieving a bulletproof life that is secure from failure and setbacks. Investing allows you to live your dream life. But there are some things you need to do before investing. A well-planned investment process not only frees you of any investment worries in the near orContinue reading “8 Things to Do Before Investing”


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