Cost of Living Crisis: How to Survive

According to the Office of National Statistics, inflation in the UK is currently at 9%. The last time it was this high was forty years ago when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. In the past forty years, we have not had inflation this high in the UK, and the bank of England says it might get to 10% in the next few months.

How to Stop Overspending

Do you ever wonder how to stop overspending? Do you perhaps wonder where your money goes? Do you sometimes find yourself spending so much on insignificant things within a short period?

10 Reasons why your Budget is not Working

If you are reading this, it’s most likely because you are struggling with budgeting.
You find it difficult, stressful, uninteresting. You struggle to stick with the budget that you write. Every month you try to budget, but it’s not just working, and at the end of the month, you’re still confused about how you spend your money. You don’t like how budgeting makes you feel, so you don’t do it regularly anymore. The truth is, budgeting is not working for you….

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